Hi There!

We’re Brandi & Tim, or Tim & Brandi in whichever order suits your tongue. Don’t let this image fool you. We’re not all suits and gowns and sunset cocktail parties, and I DO have a left arm. We were dressed up for my sister in-law’s lovely wedding, and my arm was tucked behind my back because I simply don’t know what to do with my hands (it’s Tim writing this, by the way. I’m Tim. It’s nice to meet you).

We’re hoping to adopt a child soon. We are planning on a private adoption and we are comfortable with a fully open adoption, or any level of openness with which the birth parents are comfortable.

Brandi and I decided in 2014 that it was time we start our family, and when we set our minds to something, we get the thing done. But, uh… well, it’s been a lot more difficult than we had anticipated. The nice folks at the fertility clinic told us that biologically, we were both in good shape, so around the end of 2020 we decided to bolster our efforts and try IUI, but after three unsuccessful rounds, we were still childless and heartbroken.

BUT! There are MANY ways to start a family, and we are excited to build ours through adoption. I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason, and I’m no fatalist, but I do think that adoption was always in our future, whether or not we were ever able to have biological children. It just feels right to me.

So! Why are you here? Well, I imagine it’s one of three reasons:

  1. You are a parent looking for the right family for your child.
  2. You know me and Brandi personally, and you’ve seen our announcement.
  3. You’ve stumbled here in a haze and you’re not sure how to get back out, like a pigeon trapped in an abandoned building.

If you’re a parent, please look around and learn about us. See if you like us. You’ll find profiles for both of us, details about our worlds, our interests, our values, our home, our pets, and our day-to-day lives.

If you know us, poke around a bit you nosy Nellies; you know you want to. Worst case scenario, you’ll come away knowing us a little better. But please, help us to get the word out that we’re hoping to adopt. Share this site, share our social media posts and profiles. Stop random strangers in the grocery store parking lot if you feel daring.

If you’ve just stumbled here, that’s cool. Let’s be friends. You can help us too, and in return, we will show you how to escape, you majestic pigeon, you!

No matter why you’re here, we hope that you learn at least a little about us and do something with that information. Whether it helps you to make a decision about placement, whether it gives you something interesting to say about us on our behalf, or whether it simply gives you a new perspective about us, we hope your time here is not wasted, and we thank you, sincerely, for that gift of time.

The Day to Day (it’s just a blog)

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